30 October 2007

So what's there to see in Napoli?

What do you show an Adorable Friend from Paris when she comes to visit? Tough question but my answer was to take her to Spaccanapoli! It literally means 'split Naples' because it splits this ancient city in two, this street is also called the Decumano. This area was deemed a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997.

There is a lot to see and do in this area including great shopping for presepe/creches, good luck charms, great pizza, good museums and a really good look into the chaotic streets that I have become immune to.
Adorable Friend was amazed by the amount of everything and I was amazed by the things she pointed out that I don't even notice anymore. I don't notice the laundry hanging from everywhere, the stay animals, the trash piles, the dodging of the scooters, the level of noise, the amazing fall sunlight and sky, the rich smells of the ragu cooking, the pungent fruit stands with melone, kaki (persimmons), melograno (pomegranate) and all the other fall fruits. So here are a few pics for you to enjoy the short tour full of saints and sinners.

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