04 October 2007

October who?

No, no thank you. I'm still working on September. Since I've last left you I've either been on the road or doing laundry. A long London weekend took our breath away (oh yeah and our wallet too). We made the mistake/had the good fortune of being there for London Fashion Week and the London Design Festival. The Design Festival wasn't anything to write home about -so I won't.

What was and is coolest and the HOTTEST TICKET in town? The British Museum's The First Emperor: China's Terracotta Army Exhibit. First off I have to tell you that the promotion of this was fantastic. The day we got into London there was a television special on the BBC that follows the history and installation of this exhibit in the British Museum's Reading Room (1st time ever for an exhibition there!). The round Reading Room was transformed, books moved and false floor built for this exhibit. The work, planning and the sound track to this exhibit are amazing. If you get even half a chance don't miss it the exhibit runs until April 6, 2008!

I managed to only get my paws on the exhibit coffee table book and the CD soundtrack, they get an A+ on my bibliophile scale!


Lewis said...

Oh I am always so GREEN with envy of your wonderful London trips! :)
I bet you had a fabulous time!

Welcome back from the traveling laundry that can be a real adventure!



Delina said...

Sounds great. I love a long London weekend.