27 February 2008

More Pics of Pinky the House

So we are now done with the professional inspection of the house. Old Pinky has some problems but hopefully they can be fixed before the close of escrow. Who knew that buying a house would be so complicated in the land of instant everything?
I'm really loving how the owner has decorated because it shows such boldness -now I'm not saying I'll keep all of the decor but I appreciate it.

Let's take for example the bathroom. Normally I wouldn't approve of a room painted black (unless your a photographer), but in this case it really sets off the 80's fab wallpaper. Bold choice that really sets off the room well.

I find it amazing that the owner needle pointed a toilet cover that perfectly recreates the wallpaper. The time and talent to do that is beyond my skill and time allowance. And what would Pinky the House be without a pink toilet?

22 February 2008

Pinky the House

Well our bid has been accepted!! We are very happy but now we do the anxious wait for the inspection, appraisal, the aligning of the planets etc. Thank you to all our well wishers and to whet your appetite a little more... and no that isn't a pink filter it is truly pink from top to bottom.

Some of Life's Truisms

This is my response to an article that ran in the NY Times titled, "Parent Shock: Children Are Not D├ęcor."

N.B. Sorry that this is a repeat post from my JetSetBaby blog but I thought this subject deserves some attention.

17 February 2008

Eureka?! We hit the pink gold!

We've found a house... I think. We are waiting to see if our bid is accepted. This will be our first house and it has a very rosy outlook as you can tell from the photo. The first time I saw it I thought it was some sort of accidental pink filter -but it isn't. I know a fellow blogger CasaPinka would love this.  I cannot wait to have a home and this one is a cutie.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!

05 February 2008

It's a World of Nutella

One of my favorite spreads as a child was Nutella. In honor of World Nutella day I will give you my preferred way of eating it -are you ready for the recipe?? 3 handfuls of fresh fragrant ripe strawberries
and 1 large spoon for the Nutella. Grab the strawberry by the hair and smear a spoon full of room temperature Nutella goodness and enjoy!! There is not a fondue that is bettter or tastier than this mixture. Check out other great drool-worthy recipes from the great Ms. Adventures and Bleeding Espresso.

On a more serious side note: BIG THANKS to my mother-in-law today for taking such good care of my little dog while we're looking for a home. Turns out that my little dog has a pretty bad stone in her bladder and is scheduled for surgery on Thursday -all this while taking care of my father-in-law who just had a heart attack. Pretty special woman wouldn't you say?

04 February 2008

The Hunt and the Headstone...

k, I have a confession to make: I've been hard at work trying to find a house in southern California. This is one tough and expensive market. In fact I've made an offer on a house and the counter offer came in at $100,000 MORE than asking! I want to know who has this kind of money?! What fantastic paying jobs do these people have??

I'm looking for a small old house with character that needs some love. I'm finding that that is a tall order around here especially with all the house flippers around here. You can't toss a cat around here without hitting a house that has "GRANITE COUNTER TOPS AND STAINLESS STEEL APPLIANCES." What is the attraction of this combination and why is it that EVERY kitchen that has been redone is redone this way? In my opinion it says nothing of the quality of the stone nor of the appliances.

On a side note: aren't gravestones made of granite?