27 February 2008

More Pics of Pinky the House

So we are now done with the professional inspection of the house. Old Pinky has some problems but hopefully they can be fixed before the close of escrow. Who knew that buying a house would be so complicated in the land of instant everything?
I'm really loving how the owner has decorated because it shows such boldness -now I'm not saying I'll keep all of the decor but I appreciate it.

Let's take for example the bathroom. Normally I wouldn't approve of a room painted black (unless your a photographer), but in this case it really sets off the 80's fab wallpaper. Bold choice that really sets off the room well.

I find it amazing that the owner needle pointed a toilet cover that perfectly recreates the wallpaper. The time and talent to do that is beyond my skill and time allowance. And what would Pinky the House be without a pink toilet?


Gloria said...

Holy... oh, my!

Tablebread said...

Anyone who goes so far as to needlepoint a recreation of their wallpaper, well, deserves to sit there. :)

bleeding espresso said...

You certainly didn't exaggerate on the pinkness factor ;)