22 February 2008

Some of Life's Truisms

This is my response to an article that ran in the NY Times titled, "Parent Shock: Children Are Not Décor."

N.B. Sorry that this is a repeat post from my JetSetBaby blog but I thought this subject deserves some attention.


Tablebread said...

ROTFLMBO!! I've seen this before and who hasn't thought this when their kid(s) decide to demonstrate their upbringing in a store. Mine like to forget where their volume buttons are in the book store. Always fun :)

Alex said...

Volume buttons?! Wait a minute I think my Little Man might have a defect -he didn't come with any!

franki durbin said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!! This is hysterical. I love this. Ha!!! Likely a very effective (or at least memorable) ad!