25 April 2010

Aloha House

So, I've been busy with traveling unassisted with the two children under five (can you say crazy?). However, when there is a friend in need you move mountains when necessary. The wonderful thing that came from this trip was reconnecting with old friends and plugging into the wonderful energy of Hawaii.

What did I bring back for you my dear readers? Wonderful photos, interesting people and perhaps some ideas to inspire you. My Hawaiian friends are very talented and the first lady of talent I'd like to introduce you to is my friend Cynthia. She is seriously amazing at design and has a keen eye and great vision (can you tell I really admire her?) -on top of being a dear friend. Anyway, let me give you just a amuse-bouche while I beg her for some of her other work that she has done in and around Honolulu.

What are you loving about the photo above? Would you love to see the pool beyond the wall?