28 May 2009

Come on Over to my House

Welcome to my little California Craftsman. As you may or may not notice -I need help. I'm not too crazy about the curb appeal. First of all I need color! The house color is a muted army green, white trim and navy blue edging around the windows. The garden is a bit of a mess with no color. Right now there are boxwoods under the living room window, white myrtle (?) topiary surrounded by a red mulch circle. Any ideas?? 

23 May 2009

Where in the World??

Let's play name that place -can you guess the location??

22 May 2009

Missing La Vida Blogga

I've been a little busy lately. I've had long sleepless nights, a new wardrobe, my life has been turned upside down -yet again. I'm in love and I think she is too. I've had a little daughter and I'm very excited to be in the 'pink.' As you can imagine I haven't had much time to do any of my favorite things (including this blog). However, to make up for things I am going to start sharing some very exciting photos of travels to Africa. In a few months hopefully I'll be reporting from Paris (as soon as I get the little one her first passport).

Can't wait to hear from all of you and see what you've all been up to!