28 January 2008

The story of stuff

This video is just a teaser of a great little 20 minute film called the Story of Stuff. It is a really well put together film on where stuff is from and where it goes -my only critique of it is that it doesn't show you the pack rats in the equation. To view the whole film click on the link below:

27 January 2008

Rocking the vote in America

I can never keep up with all the political banter that goes on either here or in Europe because it just seems like such a bandwagon soap opera -you just can never tell who is trustworthy and everything seems to change on a daily basis anyway.

My friend Glo has just sent me this great website called Glass Booth. Check out the quiz and you might be surprised with whom your priorities align. It is also a great place to educate yourself on the election process -go on you know it is good for you!

It's all Big in the US of A

So here I am in my new life in the US and I'm still in shell shock. I keep thinking I'll wake up and be back in Italy with the smell of trash burning. My reality hit me today. I'm "home" with a sick baby and I'm watching the travel channel and it is Rick Steve in Rome. This guy makes my skin crawl and the fact that he was in Rome (my Rome not his) eating and walking through some of my favorite places made me homesick. I can't believe I just wrote that. It is funny to me because when you live in Italy you are always the stanieri (foreigner).

Anyway, I am going through a lot of culture shock here. Here is my top ten list of things I find overwhelming:
  1. Grocery stores -I can't believe how much variety of everything there is here. I seriously get anxious because of all the information being thrown at you coupled with the fact that the aisles have gotten smaller. Just look at the photo I took of JUST the yogurt.
  2. The cars -they are HUGE! I don't know how people can afford to feed those gas tanks.
  3. Too much food -there are so many restaurants and menu selections but, if you really look closely a lot of it is just crap -fattening crap. I swear they pump calories in the air over here and there isn't a lot of walking done around here.
  4. Too much television -I can't even count how many television channels there are
  5. The clothing stores -they all sell the same thing but at different prices.
So that is the stranieri's view of the States these days. By the way -do you think I should rename this blog or just change address?? Leave me a comment -I'd love to hear from you!

02 January 2008

Buon Anno 2008 -Napoli style!

Naples fireworks are the bomb -sometimes literally. My friend Sarah sent me this from her penthouse apartment. Happy New Year everyone, may this be the year you have happiness, peace and lots of love!
[n.b. Thanks for sharing the love Sarah -baci!]