25 April 2012

San Diego Food Revolution Day, May 19

 ... to inspire change in people’s food habits and to promote the mission for better food and education for everyone.
Hello, I am Alex aka Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Ambassador for San Diego! If you've been following me for sometime now (ok, years) you'll know that I'm a huge closet foodie or as I prefer to say, gourmand. {N.B. just look at all the food porn in the archives} Well, I've been secretly putting together a master plan of hitting San Diego with a farm tour, special restaurant fixed price menu, food education and maybe even a farmer's market tour. I know I get a little excited about these sorts of things. 

What is the Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? Take a look at this short video:

Saturday May 19th will be the magical day. I've gotten together with Suzie's Farm where there will be a Strawberry Jam from noon to 4pm. You can pick your own local, organic and fresh strawberries! There will be live music and a food truck. This event is family friendly and should be a lot of fun. 

Why the interest in food and eating well? I think most of us are in such a hurry we've lost the simple pleasures of a good meal with people we enjoy. From having traveled a lot in my life I've learned that there are two things that unite us as humans -laughter and food. We all share that in common and I think that over the years we've lost sight of the quality of our food and of meaningfulness of sharing the company of others. I hope to see you at a Food Revolution Event!