05 February 2008

It's a World of Nutella

One of my favorite spreads as a child was Nutella. In honor of World Nutella day I will give you my preferred way of eating it -are you ready for the recipe?? 3 handfuls of fresh fragrant ripe strawberries
and 1 large spoon for the Nutella. Grab the strawberry by the hair and smear a spoon full of room temperature Nutella goodness and enjoy!! There is not a fondue that is bettter or tastier than this mixture. Check out other great drool-worthy recipes from the great Ms. Adventures and Bleeding Espresso.

On a more serious side note: BIG THANKS to my mother-in-law today for taking such good care of my little dog while we're looking for a home. Turns out that my little dog has a pretty bad stone in her bladder and is scheduled for surgery on Thursday -all this while taking care of my father-in-law who just had a heart attack. Pretty special woman wouldn't you say?


mamacita said...

My friend has developed the best Nutella cookie recipe ever.

bleeding espresso said...

I love strawberries and Nutella too, and you obviously have a wonderful MIL--lucky gal :)

Thinking of you and your pooch! Sloppy doggie kisses from Luna and Stella :)

Alex said...

MMmm thanks Mama for sharing! It looks heavenly!

Sogna thanks for the good wishes -blood work was done today and she's healthy for surgery tomorrow. Big howl out to Luna & Stella and poochie kisses!