15 October 2007


This is my little "shout out" to the environment for Blog Action Day. I'm going to list some easy things YOU can do today and everyday:
  1. ride a bike or walk to do your errands
  2. use your pockets! don't use a disposable bag for just one or two store items
  3. go vegetarian! ok, hard core meat eaters just do one meal without meat
  4. turn off the water when you're soaping up in the shower
  5. eat local food (mmm)
  6. pick up just one extra piece of trash a day (yes even if it isn't yours)
  7. avoid white clothing (to avoid over use of chlorine)

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

What wonderful things are you doing to help our environment last? -leave me a comment!

[big thanks to Sognatrice and msadventuresinitaly for letting me know what day it is]

1 comment:

sognatrice said...

Glad to see you particpated--and that you've given great tips!