17 October 2007

What's for lunch in Napoli today

I was carefully considering what to post today when the door bell rang. God love her, it was my neighbor Anna. She is the epitome of a good Italian housewife. She does the following:
  • makes the beds
  • sweeps the floors 3 times
  • washes the floor twice (the whole house)
  • vacuums the floor (every chance she gets)
  • dusts all items from the walls to the flowers
  • washes all the windows and the shutters and the window sill
  • cleans the stove top 3 times
  • cleans up the sinks 10 times
  • bathrooms get cleaned three times (top to
  • bedrooms thrice as well
  • cooks from scratch lunch and dinner (and any other snack her man child should want)
  • cleans off all the glass top tables 4 times (at least)
  • washes 3 loads of laundry then hangs it out to dry
  • irons ALL laundry items (including the rags used to clean "so that they sit well folded in the drawer")
  • goes grocery shopping (at the dry goods store, at the veggie man, at the butchers, at the fish mongers and at the cleaning supply store)
  • picks up the children and drops them off at least 3 times
ALL this in just ONE day! You can't hire help that is that good! She is really amazing. Oh yes, and today for lunch she cooked up Risotto a la Verza. In English that would be rice and savoy cabbage which is now in season. I'm not the biggest fan of the cabbage family but when it is made this way it is kind of tasty especially if it is made for you! This time on my photo I didn't finish it all first (thought you might like to see it first!) ;-) So would you like to see what else she sends down?


Delina said...

I love riso e verza. "Rice with cabbage" or even cabbage risotto just doesn't sound right does it? It sounds like prison food when it's actually really yummy!

Please send Anna round here.


Gil said...

Keep posting what she sends down as this looks so good.