07 October 2007


Oh lucky me! I'm off for a few days to go up north for some much needed rest, good workout and to visit some dear friends. However, I cannot leave you without a little something so...

Where am I going?
Hint #1 It is a special hideout
Hint #2 Here is a photo

Winner of this contest will get some Italian Chocolate Kisses (or if you are here in Italy then I will offer you your choice of U.S. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups or a bag of Tortilla Chips -yes, it is very hard to get these items here!). Residents of any other countries may get their choice (of course where legally allowable).

To enter leave me a comment with your winning answer and your email or way of contacting you. Good Luck!

*Sorry, this contest is not open to cheaters (friends and family that I've taken to this special place).


Delina said...

How specific do we have to be? Somewhere Tuscan I'd say. If you're staying in that house in the picture I'm molto jealous. Enjoy!

Gil said...

The Pope's retreat?

Alex said...

Delina -not Tuscany but you are getting really warm!

Gil- I wish I had the connections and money for the Pope's retreat!! Magari! -if you do any chance you can get me an invite? ;-)

This is a special place (that i've blogged about) and is located very close to where St. Francis would walk (his trail is nearby). Can you name the locanda???

Gil said...

Mte Subasio (sp?)?

Alex said...

Thank you for your guesses! Take a look at my latest entry for the correct answer. I guess I'll have to eat these chocolates myself ;-)