04 November 2007

Napoli Road Rules

Driving in Naples is a hazard and an accident waiting to happen. The most dangerous road in Italy is in fact the Naples' Tangenziale (it is our main spine highway). You have to be on your toes all the time because you never know which direction they'll be coming from.
Here are a few rules:
  1. It is common practice that if you should whizz by your exit it is no problem -simply go in reverse!
  2. Speaking of whizzing -that is also an acceptable and common view on the side of the highway (I like to call it al fresco peeing). Though now they say it is illegal I've never seen anyone get ticketed.
  3. Brace yourself when approaching an exit because you never know when someone will be passing you on the left to cut you off to make it to the exit on the extreme right.
  4. When approaching a red light slow down and determine whether you can beat the traffic, the cop, or the old lady crossing the street and in all likely if you can STEP ON THE GAS AND GO
  5. If there is a police car flashing lights behind you let them through (they need to get to mama's asap because they told her to "buta la pasta")
  6. If a cop sticks out an over sized lollipop on you then you must stop or he'll shoot you (really)
  7. During traffic hours there are double the amount of lanes than are drawn on the road so be prepared for full contact with scooters too
Remember: show no fear -they can smell it and use it to their advantage against you!

Photo is of an actual taped up Fiat going full throttle down the highway. If you look closely the driver's side door is taped to the passenger side to keep it closed. So does this mean those people won't be able to get out?

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Delina said...

Funny - well it would be if it wasn't all so true. I heard about a law saying that you no longer *have* to stop when caribinieri man halts you. Not sure if that was passed or not.