02 November 2007

In a Blur

Halloween is my favorite secular holiday. However, this year it has come and gone without so much as a festive pumpkin in this house. I think my neighbors know something is up. I usually ask the children to make their own costumes and I decorate the hallway with skeleton drawings and ghosts. But, the truth is I'm feeling a little down. We are moving. We are leaving Italy for the US. I should feel happy and excited but instead I feel apprehensive and nervous.

I've lived here for EIGHT YEARS. There have been a lot of really good moments: we’ve welcomed in the millennium here, I gave birth to my first child here, we've met some extraordinary people here and we've traveled so much that there is not a bit of room in my passport for another stamp. There have been really low points too: my mother dyeing without a chance to say goodbye, having my house broken into twice (the last time we were in the house and I was 9 months pregnant) and having to put my dog down this summer.

I’m still trying to make sense of it all (if that is even possible). I’ll miss so many things and yet I think it is time to move on.


Eryn said...

i hope your move proves to be the best decision!

We're going to spend two days in Napoli for part of our three week stay in Italy.

I've never been south of Rome in Italy and am sooo excited to explore Naples!!!!

I'm obsessed with finding the perfect pizza there.....any suggestions on a few places that WE HAVE TO TRY???

thanks so much and buona fortuna!

Gloria said...

I know how you feel because I went through it as well. It will be ok once you guys get settled in. Also, you'll be so busy with your son and new home, you won't have time to miss Napoli. Have a positive move back to the states and we can't wait to see you in San Diego! Maybe next summer you guys can come to Layla's 1st Luau. Yay!

Alex said...

I'm excited for you -sounds like a nice vacation! As for the perfect pizza you must try the traditional Brandi in downtown Naples -it is where the Pizza Margherita was invented.
Also some other good ones are "Family Nest" in Via Panoramica in Monte di Procida (they won Pizzafest 07) or also Michele's downtown are very good. MMmm, in truth you can find really good pizza almost anywhere here -the standards are really high. Buon appetito!
I can't wait to go to your world famous luau. I'd love to go!

Cote de Texas said...

Hi - where are you moving too? And why, may I be so nosey to ask? I would never leave Italy I'm afraid if I ever had the good luck to live there!!!! It just sounds so heavenly = except for the freeway driving - love the picture of the taped up car!!!

cote de Texas

Alex said...

Joni -
I'll be moving to California and from what I hear it is very nice out there. Although to tell you the truth I feel like I will need some sort of cultural orientation when I get there.
Life is generally good here but after all these years I think a change will do us some good.

Delina said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that you're leaving. I've been here about the same length of time as you and I know that I would find it difficult to leave. Obviously this is a lot to do with habits and being used to things here - whether they work or not! :)

Can I ask what lead you to your decision? i have times when I would like to leave, but I also question if the grass is really greener.

Alex said...

Delina- I'm afraid I'm a slave to the permesso and it is due to expire. Also, with the Little Man in my life now I really want to get him a better education than is offered here. Life won't be greener just a different shade.