21 November 2007

Napoli Fast Food

Ok, just one more post before I go. So I've got 24 hours between trips and you might wonder what the heck do I do for fresh wholesome food?
Pizza. One of my favorite pizzerias is out in the country and it is called Bella Napoli. For 3 Euro I can get a full round of Pizza Margherita (tomato sauce and mozzarella) . Great price for something that is made from scratch and baked right in front of you. We usually also walk out with a bag full of fries -don't ask me why it is just tradition.

Here's a general hint on how to find a good pizzeria: look at the counter to see that all is fresh and check out the Pizzaiolo (professional pizza maker) to make sure they are plump (don't trust one that is skinny -I don't know why it is just tradition).

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pat said...

That's wonderful! sounds so good I can almost smell it. And being plump...hmm that I am already so maybe I should go into selling pizza. Maybe that would grantee a good clientel. But I think you are totally right. In Greece you're always invited to the kitchen to pick what you're going to eat by seeing what's in the pots. That way you also can see how clean the kitchen is. I trust what I see that the scarce Health department checking on kitchens. Your heart is won through the eyes then the stomach. Unfortunately the US doesn't have those traditions. But the not much a choice with all the time we spend working. Whatever they call food we eat. In the office I always get there terrible stench at lunch and wonder if people can't smell what they are eating. I wouldn't get close if it smells bad. I other walk out of a grocery store because you can smell rotting meat or spoiled fruits. Maybe I've got a sensitive nose but I just take it as a waning sign. Bon appetite