12 November 2007

What I'll miss about my Italian life

Chocolate! Real, pure and fresh. While there is a push in America (cost cutting) and FDA approval of no cocoa butter in "chocolate" bars -here in Napoli I'm blissfully happy. I am a fanatic for chocolate and I am not happy with the way things are going in the American food "industry" -as they call it. I'll miss my chocolate (drug) factory.

I don't like Gay Odin (it is in all the guidebooks) because it tastes as old as they claim the store to be. Also, I found out that some friends of mine worked there for two days. They said the conditions were terrible and that they only got paid 30 Euro for two people for two days (crack of dawn until well past dusk).

The place I do like is called Dolce Idea and they have an excellent chocolate. I've taken it as gifts as far as India and everyone has always loved it. It is made fresh and well with no questionable items in it. The maestro has won many many awards (the store is wallpapered with the awards!). So if you are ever in town -pick some up! However, be warned that the maestro isn't the friendliest of people.

P.S. In the photo below you are looking at over 3 kilos (over 6lbs) of chocolate -you can tell I'm preparing for another trip.


Sassy said...

yummy!!! i have such a sweet tooth!!!

Alex said...

If you are EVER in this area -this is one not to be missed place! It is also a fab way to blow a lot of money!