21 November 2007

Great Design Store in Rome Airport

Just back from a super quick trip to the Motor City with the family (more on that later). While I was waiting for my connection in Rome's Fiumincino Airport (aka Leonardo da Vinci Airport) I saw a new store at the international C terminal called Just Design. They have lots of really nicely designed gifts (all from European heavy weight designers) that fit into that already over packed carry-ons. I picked up some very cute leather luggage tags (afro sporting lions, dachshunds, pugs, frog princes, mod vespa ladies, etc) and a very cute French baby bib for a reasonable price.

By the way, aren't the free carts at the airport so cool? I wish they would offer these carts in America -and yes free because I'm only borrowing it not taking it home (although this one would be very cute as a laundry cart). FYI of all the airports I've been in it is always the ones in the US that want you to pay for the use of the carts -why is that?