14 November 2007

Looking forward to...

I'm now looking forward to going to the US because I'm thinking of all the things I can't get here; great fall colors in the foliage, hot cider, candied apples and flower mums (without people telling me that they're only for the cemetery!). I'm looking forward to visiting with my old friends again -it has been too long.

P.S. Check out my friend's cool photos from Rockefeller State Park outside of NYC (the photo's link)


Kataroma said...

So you're leaving us here in Italy? Where in the US are you going?

Gloria said...

Hi, Alex! You're going to LOVE living in San Diego. Traffic might be a challenge but who cares. And you'll also be closer to Asia!

Alex said...

I'm afraid I will be leaving. I'm still a little nervous/scared. I'[ll be going to San Diego! I've never lived that far west and know nothing of that culture. It should be quite and adventure.
Thanks for the positivity! Traffic -you mean I have to drive? I do plan on traveling more often to Asia -especially Thailand!