29 November 2007

Things I'll miss about living in Italy

ust back from Paris and one of the biggest things I'll miss about leaving Italy are the cheap airfares to other places. We are always just back from a trip or just leaving for one and with these prices -who can blame us?

I'll post tons of photos from Paris later this evening so stay posted!


Delina said...

Hmmm. That's the thing I miss about living in England :) I don't think tickets are that cheap from here and destinations are too limited - from Naples anyway :S

Alex said...

I took that photo last week at the Naples Airport -check the prices online -really pretty good. I've also been able to hop from one easy jet to another at really good prices (because like you stated the destinations out of here are too limited).
I too would love that about England -esp. the fairs to the Far East!