01 December 2007

What I'll miss about my Italian life

The tomatoes here! There are no words to describe how good tomatoes are over here -the volcanic soil adds a taste that is pure heaven. Here is a photo of some "sun kissed" (slightly dried) tomatoes.


Delina said...

Gorgeous aren't they? During the summer they're fantastic, now it's not so easy to get great ones. I know people here who freeze tomatoes for the winter.

Alex said...

Delina -I love them. In summer I can never get enough -I'm like Bubba Gump from the Forest Gump movie: gazpacho, tomato compote, tomato relish, tomato chutney, tomato salad, tomato juice, etc. I also love the sound of them in my freezer -they sound like marbles. Can you tell I'm a little crazy for them?