01 December 2007

Evolution at Muji

Muji is Japanese for Brandless Brand. The irony is that Muji, the store, is anything but generic. For those of you who aren't familiar with Muji it is a Japanese retailer that sells housewares and clothing. They keep the design of everything they manufacture to a minimalist aesthetic with no logos. Pretty simple huh?
Well, this store has a cult following and I'm afraid I too have succumbed to the no logo store. They have some very clever puzzles and stationary (I LOVE stationary). Only problem is that here in Italy there are only 3 stores: 2 in Milan and 1 in Torino. Those northerners get everything! So, Paris is where I get my fix. Take a look at what they're doing for the holidays:


Delina said...

I like Muji too. I had a quick look in a few weeks ago in London.

Alex said...

Don't you wish they had a store here too? Although budget-wise it is better that they don't!