12 December 2007

Italy on Strike

I know most of you have no idea that right now in Italy there is a MAJOR strike. Everything is on hold and there is no fuel to be found. The store shelves have run out of milk and bread over here -it is really getting crazy. Last night when I tried to find a gas station on the way to a friend's house they either had 4 city block lines of cars or were completely out of fuel.

So here I am sitting in my house still purging things left and right (it is OBSCENE how much this international move is costing us) with not a hope of getting a mover here this week. Right now they are telling me maybe early next week. This is where it gets hard living here. It feels like there is always something to get you -fuel strikes, garbage emergencies, transportation strikes, water shortages, the list goes on and on.

Yes, it is a big PITA but on the other hand the upside of that is you learn to live day to day, you become flexible, you enjoy conveniences when you get it, you help out/know your neighbor more and you learn to pray for the best but buckle down for the worst.

So, I'll just keep packing -and when this place gets decent enough I'll take some photos for you! Until then keep some positive thoughts for our move -we're going to need it!


Gloria said...

I feel for you, Alex. I know you just want to get the move over and done with. Good luck.

Cote de Texas said...

omg = sounds awful, but you sure put a sweet spin on it!! Good luck - I hope you move when you want to!!!