07 December 2007

Welcome to my house!

We are now beginning the house tour! First of all, please excuse the moving mess. It is really crazy over here now that we have less than a week left before the movers come. So each day I'll treat you to a different view in the house. Feel free to ask questions in the comments sections. Here we go!

This is my front entrance and my dog is ready to great you. Unfortunately, living here has left me with only one pet out of three and she's now 14 years old. We will be taking her back to the States with us (where she was born) and she'll hopefully have plenty of time to enjoy some sunshine in her retirement. As you can tell even though it is winter here everything is still pretty green. Ok, now if you want to see the first room you have to hop over to JetSetBaby. See you there!

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The Paris Apartment said...

Wow! We're on the same plane. I'm moving to the tropics with my 15 year old dog for her retirement, and always wanted to do 'Jet Set Pet', a pet accessories line!