03 August 2007

Rules for Parking Neapolitan style

Just like with anything south of Rome the rules get dented here in Napoli. Let's take for example parking.
  • Rule #1 All parking is to be done socially. Don't even think of parking where you don't see any other cars. This is because either it is sure to be stolen or broken into (or both within 10 minutes)
  • Rule #2 It is okay to double park or triple park as long as you drive either a nice car with tinted windows or a large delivery truck
  • Rule #3 All parking is free (including the sidewalks) as long as you have a lookout or your Mama is in the car to argue with the traffic violations officer
  • Rule #4 Handicap parking is for anyone -why discriminate against those who aren't?
  • Rule #5 Don't be cheap with the parking attendant, what you don't pay him now you will pay for the damage later
  • Rule #6 Bumpers are made for parallel parking -how else do you know when to stop?
  • Rule #7 You can block traffic, parking or even the hospital ER all in the name a quick coffee.
Next time we will review driving for foreigners. Stay posted!


Kataroma said...

Ciao 1ciao! :) Just saw your comment about your upstairs neighbours on michellanea's blog. What awful people!

Parking in Rome is slightly better than parking in Naples - but I'm still woken up most mornings by the sound of people leaning on their car horns because they are double parked in on the street below - and they have to get to work. One of the many reasons why I don't have a car here. I can't imagine anything more frustrating.

1ciao said...

Kata -welcome! My neighbors are not awful they are Neapolitanos (and driving me up a wall lately). I will never ever understand the mentality no matter how long I live here.
As for the car horns -I get that too. My neighbors are too cheap to buy a TELECOMMANDO (i love saying it) for the gate so at ALL hours of the day and EVERYDAY they are laying on the horn. errr.....