08 August 2007

Got kleenex?

Well, it has been a very long five days. My dog Ella that you see in the post below has been put to sleep. I am just so raw and upset about it right now. I brought her over here nearly eight years ago from the US. Little did I know that I would be staying here so long and that I would spend so much time trying to get her decent grooming and vet care. It never bothered me to travel an hour away for a decent kennel, groomer or vet. What Ella gave me in return was constant love and companionship for me, my family and my other older dog.
The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
If you've never lived here with a pet consider yourself very lucky. The state of animal welfare here is disturbingly sad. Every August during vacation season many people just open the gates and let their pets fend for themselves while they go off on holiday. You see these pets of all sizes and ages digging through the trash piles on the streets (yes, we are still in a trash crisis here). Other times you just see them flattened on the road. Did I mention the surge in animal births that will come soon? Most people here don't believe in sterilizing their pets, "why interfere with their right to procreate?" When selecting a pet most Italians here prefer a male dog because "you don't need to sterilize them...it is the females that are the problem." The lack of respect and responsibility to these animals is in my opinion the height of ignorance and negligence.
Luckily, there are people and organizations that try to turn this tide. One of these organizations that does wonderful work in vet care, sterilization (of both male & female), education and more is Lega Pro Animale. I would like to thank their Dr. Dorathea Friz for helping me to end Ella's pain and suffering and for offering the service of cremation. While cremating Ella wasn't cheap it was worth it because I'd like to take her back to bury her in a happier place.


Eryn said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. My family lost our dog, Chloe, a year ago. She was just a part of the family as any human and we're still getting over her.

I've been reading about the horrible situation with Italians abandoning their pets in the late summer months. I can't even think about how ridiculous and irresponsible of a person it would take to do that.

i hope for the animal's sake things may someday change.

1ciao said...

Thank you for your kind words. Losing her has been horrible as I'm sure you know. I consider myself lucky to have had her in our lives as I'm sure feel about Chloe.

As for the Italian mentality on pets -they are just property. While I can't believe how calus they are to animals the flipside is that they are wonderful to children. I am hoping that things change here because it is a tragidy to see this kind of mistreament.

Gloria said...

Alex, I'm sorry to hear about your sweet Ella. I know your heart is empty without her...

Anonymous said...

So Sorry about losing your dear friend.. I would be the same if we lost our Boomer.. hes been a friend, companion and our baby So sad that dog owners in Italy don't have more regard and respect for their pets..


sognatrice said...

I also wanted to express my condolences on your loss of bella Ella. I'm an American expat in Italy and also a dog (animal) lover, and I, too, can't believe how horribly treated some animals are here. Leaving them behind while they go on vacation is just so unbelievable.

Anyway, many comforting thoughts from my Luna Balloona and me in Calabria.

nikinpos said...

Sorry for your loss...Here in Positano in the last few weeks there has been an influx of abandoned dogs. Some of those people that go away bring their dogs here because they know that they will get fed welll by the restaurants and all the tourists. I have actually seen people throw their dog out of the car and then drive away. Horrid to watch.

Alex said...

Thank you everyone -your comments have been very comforting to me. I am so happy to hear that all of you have pets that are well loved.
Nikinpos- that is just disgusting that people do that. That is so traumatic! I think they deserve the same treatment -I'll drive if you'll help push them out.