18 August 2007

Roasted & Steaming Napoli anyone?

Over the past few days it has been so hot and humid here that it feels like I'm in Chinese steamer. However, the really nice part is that the city feels abandoned (except for all of the luxury cruise liners). My favorite things to do this time of year are:
  1. to eat huge portions of slightly chilled anguria (watermelon)
  2. go into the deepest parts of the city (you know the ones with practically no sunlight and lots of laundry)
  3. eating tasty tomatoes in every possible recipe (fried, cold soup, pasta sauce, gelato, bread, roasted, sun "blushed," salad, pickled, poached)
  4. go shopping! Some of the sales this year have been very good to me
  5. sleep quietly because my neighbors are out on vacation (no car honking, door slamming, kid shouting, tantrum having, name calling going on)
  6. drive around like a maniac -traffic isn't so bad right now
However, it feels like there are more people in town than last year. When they all return in September I will be taking my sweet escape to London for the weekend. I cannot wait to sink myself into a cozy chair with some CHEDDAR, a cup of tea and plenty of mags. Hopefully, it won't be too hot. What are some of your favorite things to do this time of year?


Delina said...

It's not completely abandoned, I'm here too! :)

I completely agree with your list of favourite things to do. Why anyone would want to go on holiday in August and miss the only month when Naples isn't its usual noisy, crazy self is beyond me.

Great photo!

Gloria said...

Well, we don't live in ITALY anymore so I suppose we don't get to eat all the yummy and authentic napolitano food in Wisconsin! We make the best of it out here in the midwest...

1. walk over to my next door neighbor's house and swim in her sparkling pool with the keiki, of course.
2. hit the mall and window shop mostly
3. turn on the sprinklers and run through it...barefooted
4. pull the weeds in the garden
5. take the keiki to the playground
6. grill
7. and tan on our new deck!