05 August 2007

Calling all Dog lovers -I Need Help!

I am desperate and at the end of my sanity. My poor old Springer Spaniel needs to be groomed badly. I've been here in Napoli for eight years now and I've gone through many groomers and in order they have had:
bad back injury
gone back to England
gone out of business
The last place hired new help that wound up injuring my poor dog until she was bloody! She is just too old for this shit and I'm seriously considering sending her either to England or the States so that she can live out her remaining months in peace. If anyone knows anyone that can get me a groomer (or at least someone who can shave her down) please email me. Grazie

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Cote de Texas said...

I remember you wrote me about Ella and how you found her at a pet store, but I'm hazy on the exact details. I remember is was a wonderful story - will you email me and tell me again? I'll save it this time, I promise!