01 August 2007

Hideout in the hills

It is so hot right now in the city that I wish I could head for my favorite hideout in Umbria. The truth is that I relish the time that I have at my 12th century castle retreat. Everything is taken care of --food, babysitter, pool (pool towels), fresh herb scented air and tranquility. If I were truly industrious (which I'm not when I'm there) I would be visiting the towns of Assisi, Perugia and Gubbio. But no, instead I prefer to curl up under the giant tree and take a nap (or two).
My little heaven on earth is named Locanda del Gallo and I've been going there for a number of years now. I've been there in almost all of the seasons and none have been a disappointment. The hosts Paola and Irish are friendly and helpful. The chef Jimmy produces some of the best fresh and healthy food. The kitchen always smells divine!
I started going there when I went to my first yoga retreat with Jane Fryer. I'll never forget it because it was right after September 11th in the U.S. All of the attendees (except for me) were coming from the states less than a week after that tragic event. The time spent at Locanda was very therapeutic and relaxing. The yoga taught by Jane and Amy Ippoliti was so fantastic and in a setting like Locanda we were transported to another more peaceful world. There just is no other place like it in the world and with good friends it is the perfect combination.

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