20 August 2007

Lovely Hilltops

This weekend we went to the hilltop village of Caserta Vecchia. We were hoping for a quiet and romantic evening stroll and dinner in the medieval setting. I had forgotten how slippery those trodden cobblestones can get (I just had to wear leather sandals).

For dinner we ate at the scenic Zi Teresa. The panorama was beautiful, through the chicken wire that is. It was an interesting dinner. The ambiance isn't much (plastic tables and chairs) the food was okay (had to send back the seafood because it had over stayed it's welcome). However, love and vino were in the air so nothing was going to ruin it for us (not even all the kids with their whistles and screams).

P.S. My number 7 of favorite things in summer is: FRESH FIGS! Some have even said that they are better than sex?!


Gil said...

Figs are great - BUT????????

Gloria said...

J and I remember visiting that hilltop. The only thing I remember was the cobblestone...go figure.