29 August 2007

The Limone Bandito rides again!

This tart has been up and down the Italian coast looking for us bloggers and taunting us. The last one who caught him on film was Delinissima. This one I caught over the weekend in front of the Pozzuoli port. Have you seen him anywhere else? Careful he's been known to be a little acidic in character. This time he was acting a little shady.


Delina said...

Hahahaha! I wonder if it's the same one - or an imposter. Hmmmm.

sognatrice said...

OK, I've never seen one of these things (in person--over at Delina's place, yes)...but for how much I'm laughing at the photo, maybe it's better this way ;)

nikinpos said...

Oh, I know its a bit late but I saw him a few weeks ago on the way to Sorrento from Naples. I couldn't get a photo cos I was driving.