24 May 2008

Where is the California "Pot o' Gold"?

And how do I get my hands on some of it? First of all -I'm real estate crazy right now. I spend hours a day studying the market and trying to figure out where to live. Let me give you a brief summary of what is on the market: 
  1. places in the city are either $1+ million USD (I've never seen so many of these outside of Monaco) for about 1,600 square feet (150 square meters)
  2. or a half million dollar crack houses that haven't been repaired or updated since the 60s -if you're lucky
  3. or you can go half an hour (up to 2 hours) away "the commute" to pay much more reasonable prices ($400,000 and up) for really nice brand new homes
I'm not fond of commutes and with fuel prices soaring this week I don't know how people can afford it. The photo above shows the 'cheap' stuff starting at $4.11, that was Monday. You know it is starting to get bad when a camera crew arrives at the local gas station. 

Well, that was Monday and today I nearly swerved off the road when I saw this: 

By the way you should know that it would be wise to take a large wallet of cash because if you pay by credit card they charge you an additional .10 cents a gallon. Most people here drive LARGE trucks and I don't know how much longer they can afford to. So, I'm more determined than ever to find a small ex-drug den in the city -I hear that the 60s style modern is coming back!

P.S. My new theory on the California Pot o' Gold is that most own stock in big oil companies -what do you think?


Cote de Texas said...

stick with a dump in the city and fix it up - you can blog about it! Half of america is blogging about fixing up their houses as it is.

Alex said...

Lol -Joni are you saying that tongue-in-cheek? I want to see the blogs that discuss how they're destroying their home (or wait it is the same thing to some people!). lol
I saw one house today where the counters were nearly chest high and the redone floors had cheap terracotta industrial tile that leaned to the left corner -all it needed was a drain and you could call it a butcher shop! --oh and meat hooks! but they called them a "pot rack" I'm still ROTFLMAO. It was a very klassy remodel!

Delina said...

I have the same problem here in Naples with the house hunt. Houses are so expensive in the city - though prices look like they're coming down slightly. I consider moving outwards (maybe Avellino), but I don't fancy the commute. What's a person to do :(

Tablebread said...

LOL - and I thought we had it bad over here. Right now we are at $4 a gallon (exchange rate calculated into that).

But California has always been higher than the rest of the nation because they have to add that special chemical into the petrol to 'make it more friendly'.

Too bad you guys are having to deal with that one :(

Gil said...

Time for Route 66 Gas to get rid of the "Cheap Gas" slogan on the bottom of the sign! Good luck with the house hunt.

franki durbin said...

God am I glad I am not house shopping right now!

Our cousin bought one of those old dilapidated crack house. He rehabbed the heck out of it, lived in it, flipped it for 4x what he paid. Insane.

Also... for inspiration, go back and look at http://becoming-home.com/

ciao, bella!

Gloria said...

We were in ND this weekend and gas is up to $3.99 a gallon. It's only $3.79 in Wisconsin. We are currently on the 1-year waiting list for a Smartcar. I suppose it's better later than never, huh?

Alex said...

Delina -if you have to commute it really isn't worth the move. Although when we moved out into the countryside we actually avoided any time on the Tangenziale which was wonderful. It is a tough call and not an easy job to find a place but I do hope you find something (have you looked at Aversa?)

Gil -I think when they refer to cheap gas they are talking about their .99 chilli dog

Franki -Thanks for the link -so addictive!

Gloria! YAAY SMART CAR! Can't wait to see photos of your new wheels. I'm so glad they're bringing it over from Europe.