07 May 2008

House Dream #1

Ok, so I'm going to start dreaming and I'm taking you along for the Amero-Italo ride. When we get a house the first thing I'd like to do is to get organized and I mean EVERYTHING. I was surfing some Italian designer's sites and found this little altar to the ultra organized (or the ultimate junk drawers depending on how you look at it):

Isn't it sweet?! The numbers are all drawer pulls and how cool is the ladder? It kind of reminds me of the old card catalogs at the university library (am I dating myself here or what?!)


Gil said...

The first thing I thought of when the picture first came into focus - library card files!!! Too funny.

Delina said...

I love storage space :) No matter how many drawers I had I could fill them all ! :D

I have to find a house to buy ..... It's such a chore, I don't enjoy looking at all. I'd like Naples really, but they're too expensive.

Alex said...

Ok, Gil what library do you go to?? These are so much nicer than the ones I used to see. ;-)

Delina, you know there was one point where we could have actually afforded a flat in Naples -before the euro. Now, the prices are astronomical -good luck. Have you thought of Bagnoli?

Table Bread said...

OMG! These are super cool! My only problem would be finding something that I put in them.

"Now where did I put that flashlight? Let's see it was Right 23, Left 2,no, no, no...it was Left 23 and RIGHT 23! Crap that's my underwear."


Alex said...

Table -slap some letters on it and you've got yourself a game of BINGO!