06 May 2008

Truck Driving Temecula

My latest and greatest drug has been looking up any and every property available in the San Diego area. I can't stop. I know there has to be something out there. But, I needed a break.

So this weekend I went out to visit a friend of mine in Temecula, California. It is like going from Napoli to Matera. They say that there are vineyards out there but to tell you the truth all I saw were big wheel trucks and some really new and beautiful houses. I was drooling and lusting at the brand new houses and the prices -THE PRICES! For half the money you would have to spend in San Diego you can get double the house in Temecula!

What would you do? Middle of California with a great house at a great price with an hour commute to work or central metropolitan area but paying a large portion of your paycheque?


Anonymous said...

ok- why dont you come and do a day at the winieries, and then decide. That merlot will help make any descion!
Hey- what do you have against monster trucks anyway??

Anonymous said...

OH COME ON- ITS NOT THAT BAD! Where did you get that u-tube? I promise its not THAT bad. I would have to slit my wrist if it were!

Alex said...

Anon #1 If you're inviting I'm coming -I'd never pass up an opportunity on the vino! Truth be told some of those monster trucks scare me -seriously they look like they eat small pets and children (of which I might be confused as one).

Anon #2 I LOVE that video! The music is actually pretty good and the special effects adds a campy feel -I thought it was great!

Alex said...

FYI The name of the song is called "Truck Driving"