02 May 2008

May Day? MayDay!

Ok, it is official I am in a housing funk. After having lost Pinky the House we've put in numerous offers on houses and nothing has panned out because at the last minute someone has come in and outbid us. They say the market is tanking but I'm not seeing it!

So this terminally dirty beige "executive stay" place is starting to REALLY bug me. I hate how everything in here looks like it was purchased at a Poverty Barn (died to match of course) and all the fake plants and "tree" look like they fell off some Chinese Junk in Hong Kong Bay. It does have a kitchen (or let's call it what it really is a kitchenette -sounds so much more classy -don't you think?). I have neighbors too!

They are actual college students who attend/roll into school 3 days a week. The rest of the time they workout, go to "keggers," and skateboard around the halls. I don't mean to date myself but when the hell did university students get so damn rich?! Seriously, when I was attending university I couldn't afford squat and I had to work my ass off at work and class. Around here they're all rolling in NICE cars, eating out, shopping (at expensive stores) and getting cosmetic procedures done. WTF? Oh, and did I mention that a lot of them own their own condos (or their parents bought it for them). I believe there is a time for everything and if your that spoiled that early -where do you go from there? I actually heard a 19 year old tell her mom that Burberry purses were too ghetto for her but fine for her mom. I would have told her not to worry because she'd be getting a Burlap bag instead (see if that's ghetto enough for her).


Gil said...

Funny thing about the housing market as my son is being outbid on house here in Connecticut. The news claims that it is a buyers' market especially in California. Good luck!!!

Alex said...

Good luck to your son! I think it is a buyer's market the BIG BUCK buyer's market. Hopefully, something will trickle down for us little buck buyers -soon!

franki durbin said...

Poverty Barn! Oh, you're killing me. Never hear that one before! Dear God.

And I hear you on the frustration point with college students. We see kids (seriously, kids) at coffeehouses all of the time with ridiculously fabulous clothing, accessories, cars, iPhones... there's no end.

That's okay, I've worked my butt off to get where I am. It will be interesting to see these kids in 10 years when they are maxxed out on loans and credit card debt and daddy doesn't pay.

I'll still be rocking my handbags that are paid in full ;)

jen laceda said...

Alex, you are absolutely hilarious!! I totally share your sentiments about today's "spoiled" youth, though.

And about housing, the same thing is happening here in Canada -- bidding wars! We ended up buying a crappy house that no one wanted in a upcoming neighbourhood and doing a total renovation. However, our reno has been going on for a year now...!! Our contractor has taken every bloody penny we've earned and borrowed...LIFE!

Alex said...

Franki -I agree with you that earning it is worth so much more. In ten years I can imagine those kids will still have their fromage tastes but with a processed american cheese budget -and that will be a hard fall.

Jen -Lol -Contractors -I understand and I'm kind of worried about that. I actually went to school with one. Who would have imagined that that kid in my high school who was always sawing off the legs of the teacher's chair would grow up to be the richest guy in the class? He thought it would be funny to take off a little each day so that she got shorter and shorter. He'd come up with cracks like "I guess your gaining weight" or "they say you shrink when your old." Never trusted the guy.
Good luck with your renovation!

franki durbin said...

i'll have you know I am still drooling over this bag. Ghetto or not ;)

Alex said...

Franki -like they say here, "I KNOW, RIGHT?!" word.