20 March 2012

More French Decor and Paris' Magic Macarons

Ok, just a few more photos of that lovely furniture/lifestyle shop! Like I said in my previous post -everything was satin this fall. It was amazing how wonderful these sofas felt -cool and smooth. It really made my wonder why more upholstery manufacturers don't work in satin or smoother materials. I know I'll be very happy when all that nubby upholstery goes by the wayside with popcorn ceilings!

It wouldn't be fair if I didn't mention the dining rooms which were filled with a European colonial meets Africa feel. Can you just hear the Lion King playing in the background?! Lots of silver, horn and natural wood and leather. Notice that the French almost never have a table without a table cloth and in this case they took runners and placed them widthwise rather than lengthwise. So clever and chic! Sorry I cut off the chandelier but that was beautiful too -very modern and it had an edgy feel and no there was no big uni-shade on it (ughh, if I see another one I'll turn off the lights!).

Isn't all this making you hungry? It did for me so I just headed out for a snack to my favorite macaron place -they are WONDERFUL. If you are ever in Paris you need to visit this legendary institution LadurĂ©e (take a look at their website it is EXACTLY like being in the store incl. the sounds). The macarons come in so many flavors -my personal favorites are violet, rose, coconut and black forest. They also make wonderful chocolates in so many wonderful flavors. 

If you happen to get there before I return would you send me a few? Oh and the boxes they come in are so beautiful that long after you eat the contents you'll still have the elegant box (I keep mine on my desk). MMMM delicious memories! 

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