16 March 2012

Hot Off the Couches of Paris

My trip through Paris this fall was so amazing. The food, friends, museums, shops, cafes were begging for discovery. The smell of bread baking on the corner bakery, the cafes with people sipping their noisette while their dogs sit on patiently for bits of butter. I had such an awesome time visiting with old friends and seeing what all the shops had.

So what had me craning my neck in the shops? -couches! I've been looking to redo my own at home but after taking a look at the latest davenports:
Lounge in black satin and lamp shades in thin raw silk
So what is so special about this sofa? The French are upholstering everything in high grade dense satin. This thick satin material is better than leather! (Ready to throw out your Chesterfields? -remember you heard it here first) It feels amazing and withstands a lot of use. Not to mention this is wonderful for my personal vegetarian leanings. I noticed that the colors of the upholstery this season is dark neutral -charcoal gray, deep plum, moss green. Deep rich colors with the shine of satin -delicious!

Beautiful orange colors at Hermes

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