11 September 2007

All countries beginning with an "I"

Do all countries beginning with an "I" have crazy roads? I've been to India and I can vouch for them when I say 'YES!' India is a wonderfully chaotic place and not one that you would necessarily go to for a completely relaxing holiday. You can find cows, camels, monkeys, children, peacocks, dogs, mules, elephants etc. on any street on any day. You learn to expect it really.

The roads are crazy enough here in Italy that I don't expect this sort of ménagerie. When I lived next to a dog breeder here it was usual to see him running his dogs by holding the lead from his scooter(!). Since I've moved more into the country now I see horse breeders running their horses from the comfort of their cars whilst holding out the reins. Is this even safe?

One of my favorite parades here is when they move the sheep to other pastures. I love that the entire road is clogged up with these bleeting white clouds. It is also a good chance to "fill the pockets with money." As they say here, "I'm not superstitious but it doesn't hurt to follow superstitious traditions." When you see sheep the tradition is to pantomime picking the sheep and putting them into your pocket for future wealth. Does it work? Who knows but it is worth a try -no?

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