14 September 2011

Aloha House II

Holy Toledo! I've been AWOL a long time! So sorry about that. Life has been crazy. However, I do have some more Aloha House photos for you! Thanks for hanging in there with me! Enjoy -

Casually formal living room
Guest bathroom with beautiful Asian antiques highlighted by a soft lavender color
Pool with wonderful landscaping and waterfall
Can you see the family of mosaic honu (turtles)?

A dream kitchen with 2 sinks that both have a garbage disposal (why more people don't do this boggles the mind!)

The dinning area with great lighting and flooring. Just around the corner is the family room and beyond that is the guest bedroom with every comfort imaginable. Cynthia really has such an eye for both elegant design and function.
 She is really so gifted some of the other homes she has done have the most wonderful feeling -warm, inviting and inspired. I love the way she combines antiques, modern items and warm inviting colors and lines. Hopefully, we will be seeing a lot more from her!

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