15 February 2010

Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode -When someone cuts themselves off from the world by not logging on to Facebook or checking their cell
phones. Usually occurs after a breakup or a rough work week.

Derived from the cell phone setting of the same name in which incoming messages or phone calls cannot
be received.
"Dan won't answer your
calls. He's in airplane mode."

"Sarah went into airplane mode for three days after Charlie
dumped her."

Okay Okay... I'm coming out of airplane mode. Forgive me it
has been a long time since I've posted. The short of it is that my life has gone into the crapper. Yes, indulge me a little if you want to hear the story. If not move on to another post.
So this past year was a bit difficult because my husband was traveling a lot to Africa (boy do I have some photos!). He was gone weeks at a time while I was holding down the fort with two small children and an old crotchety dog. Well just when I thought it was tough...
My husband comes home with the news that he was being deployed and activated in the military for the next 13 months to a war zone. "What?! Stop shitting me!" Yes, it was true. No turning back and you have to go.
I still can't pick my mouth off the ground. I'm amazed that all of this has happened. It has been a few months now and I won't say things have been easy. For one thing I had to put my 16 year old dog down last week (man, I sound like a country music song!). Then of course things have been breaking around the house. Out went my husband and in came the repairmen who already know where everything is -including my bank account. So, I'm no longer asking 'can this get worse' instead I'm just vowing to keep my head down and deal with it. And maybe I can also work on getting some joy back in here.

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Nick said...

Sorry to hear that. Found your blog from Jet Set Baby. Enjoy both very much.