10 September 2008

The View from my New Diggs

Holy Matilda, I've been busy! However, I must admit I've been able to keep up with some of my favorite blogs and everyone has been producing some great stuff. Big thank you to my friends and fans for sending me encouraging emails -I really appreciate it!

We finally did find a little house here in San Diego!! I've been hesitant on telling anyone about it because I didn't want to "jinx" it [like I did with Pinky the House]. Yes, I still have my Neapolitan superstition in tact, like they say,
'I don't believe in it -but it doesn't hurt to follow the rules of superstition.'
The house is very American. It came with kitchen cabinets, toilet seat, fans, air conditioning, low ceilings and no steel or wooden shutters (but it did come with plastic blinds). So I'm feeling a little exposed without those huge steel shutters. In Naples you'd be broken into in less time than it takes to boil pasta without shutters (or even with shutters). I also miss the privacy those heavy shutters give -plastic shutters just don't cut it. Speaking of which take a look at my front door (by the way -welcome to my house!):

Who makes doors with see through windows?! You can see right into my living room and dinning room and there is no foyer -NO FOYER! I've had to adjust my expectations when I was house hunting here and not very many houses have foyers. So my big question is where do people leave there muddy/dirty shoes or hang their coats, hats or check their appearance?


Cheryl said...

Congrats, again, on the house! These homes are a tad different from la casa Napolitana. I suggest a hall tree - with hooks and a seat - complete with shoe rack underneath. This way, you can hang coats and store shoes in a basket on the shoe rack - nice and tidy!

jen laceda said...

congratulations on your new home!!! are you going to post photos of your house once you are settled in?

Alex said...

Cheryl -thanks! problem is now that I have my furniture in it is TIGHT in here. I think I may have to use my old tansu as a shoe cupboard!

Jen- thanks!I would love to post photos (once it is in order -more or less). Seriously, that 1st photo I posted of the boxes is what things look like right now. It turns out that a lot that I thought I donated -got packed and everything was mismarked or mismatched! err!

Tablebread said...

LOL - Good to see you back up and running again! I heard your house hunting/buying was getting crazy. Glad to see you guys found something you enjoy :)

Gil said...

We use the back door.

Nicole said...

Yf, Congratulations on your new house! I had to laugh when I read about foyer because just now we are talking about our own foyer/closet/guest bathroom and having to choose which one to keep. I guess a coat rack in our guest bathroom opening towards the entrance would be one option :) Best wishes!

Cote de Texas said...

cant wait to see it - did you post pictures????

Alex said...

Hello Tablebread, yes, I too am glad the hunt is over but I just wish everything could magically arrange itself out of the boxes and into some sort of order. oh well.

Gil -I'm beginning to believe that a lot of my neighbors also use the backdoor -which seems odd to me (however, the most practical).

Nicole -I don't think any of these architects consulted a feng shui master or a family that would actually live there. Makes me wish we could just create a magic door/closet for all the extras.

Joni -I'm just now beginning to get some of my photos back up -stay tuned -I can't wait to hear your opinions!